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Welcome to the Career Center!

Our Mission:

To promote self-awareness and career development, and assist students in making connections between their academic experience and career paths, so that they may become competitive and successful in their future pursuits.

Our Vision:

All Arroyo Grande High School students will engage in interest and career assessments, be exposed to career and postsecondary opportunities, and have access to internships and employment opportunities that will aid in securing career options that reflect their unique interests, skills, and aspirations.

Career Center Facts
Where? The main administration building, in room 122,  across from the counseling offices.  
Daily: as a resource for student internet and google account access; college, career and military resources; tutoring; college and guest presenters; a place to do homework and much more.  
Mrs. Penton, Career Counselor, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.
How to Stay Informed?
The Career Center is now using the app Remind to send alerts and reminders for upcoming Career Center events.  There are 2 ways to sign up for notifications through this app:
  1. If you have a smartphone, get push notifications.
    1. On your iPhone or Android phone, open your web browser and go to the following link:
    2. Follow the instructions to sign up for Remind.
    3. You’ll be prompted to download the mobile app.
  2. If you don’t have a smartphone, get text notifications.
    1. Text the message @eaglecaree to the number 81010.
    2. If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting @eaglecaree to (510) 417-4173.
Now that you're an awesome Eagle, it's time to start planning out your high school and post-high school career!  
 It's never too late to start, but the sooner the better, as they check out our Career Center tabs where you can find tons of information to help you discover yourself and the best path to making your goals a reality!