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Welcome to my home page. My name is Cody Gibson and I teach AP U.S History as well as Gen. Ed. U.S History here at Arroyo Grande High School. I moved to the central coast in August of 2020 from Visalia, CA. I have been teaching for seven years and love teaching students about our countries past and helping them develop the skills they need to apply what they learn about our past to our current world today and the issues we now face. I believe my role as a history teacher is to help students realize that history is not a definitive set of names, dates, and facts, but rather events that have multiple perspectives and interpretations. My role is to act as the facilitator in exposing students to these different perspectives, having them assess those interpretations and develop their own interpretations based on historical evidence. I have a B.A in History and an M.A in Education. I look forward to working with students and making history an exciting topic for them that gets them to think about the world around them. Below you can find links to my syllabus for each class, as well as an introduction video.
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Mr. Cody Gibson
APUSH Teacher, U.S History Teacher
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