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Community Service during Distance Learning

Please use this FORM to submit community service hours.
Community Service for all students

We are going to have to get creative during these challenging times! Please continue to abide by the CDC guidelines. Stay home and stay safe!

Students may provide the following in order to acquire up to 10 community service hours:

  • write a reflection of their time at home while sheltering in place and how they helped their family and or community during this challenging time 
  • create a slide deck or flyer serving as a public service announcement on how to minimize the spread of COVID-19
  • Establish contact with a local nursing home and send notes, pictures, drawings, and/or videos. They would love to see what you are doing, and many residents there are not able to have contact with anyone due to being at risk.  
  • Write letters of appreciation to local medical and first responders. 
  • Check out some Virtual Volunteer Opportunities
How do I submit my hours? 
  1. Add the community service form to your Google form below.
    1. Community Service Form - alternative to a project submission. (Use this form if you completed work for another agency. You can create a pdf of this signed form by taking a picture in Notes from your smartphone. Then upload the pdf version into the Google Form below.
  2. Or, complete a project in Google, such as a letter in Docs, a Google presentation in Slides, then download the project as a pdf. Attach the pdf version to the Google Form below.