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Parent Supports




Lucia Mar Unified is committed to providing support to parents during distance learning. 

Important phone numbers: 

LMUSD - 805 474-3000

LMUSD Food Services 805 474-3000 x1020

LMUSD Parent, Student computer helpline - 805 474-3899 or 

LMUSD Student Services - 805 474-3000 x1152

SLO Mental HealthHotline - (800) 783-0607

Daily Schedule

  • Predictable routines and structure provide children with a sense of safety and security
  • Consider consistent bedtime and wake up times, eating times, and physical activity times
  • Establish routines and rules
  • Create a daily schedule

Parent Supports

Student Supports

General Supports

  • Childcare - Offered at elementary sites by Boys & Girls Club, Nipomo Rec., AG Park @ Rec, YMCA
  • Supplies - Contact your school office or teacher for necessary supplies
  • Counseling - Contact your school for support or fill out this form
  • LMUSD Tipline
  • Student Advocates Lisa Martinez 474-3000 x 2194, Jensine Xiong 474-3000 x3263