Scheduling Essentials



Dear Parents & Students,

In the months of February through April, your student will begin the registration process for the upcoming academic year. Below you will find the Scheduling Calendar with the events that will take place this Spring of 2020 through your AGHS student’s English class.  Each AGHS English teacher has been assigned a specific date to send their students to certain locations to receive 1) a classroom presentation by your student’s assigned school counselor on their options and on how to fill out the scheduling worksheet 2) followed by a second brief meeting for the student to have a one on one session with their assigned school counselor to discuss placement into desired and needed courses for the upcoming academic year.  If you have any questions please contact the Counseling department at (805) 474-3200. 


Scheduling Materials:

2020-2021 AGHS Registration Guide 

How to Register Online

Class of 2021 High School Scheduling Presentation

Class of 2022 High School Scheduling Presentation

Class of 2023 High School Scheduling Presentation

12th Grade Scheduling Worksheet

11th Grade Scheduling Worksheet 

10th Grade Scheduling Worksheet 

4 Year Career College Sample Form

4 Year University Sample Form

4 Year Blank Form