California Community Colleges

     First Time Freshman Enrollment Process at Cuesta or at Hancock College
  1. Seniors who plan to graduate from Arroyo Grande High School in June will be notified (daily bulletin) on when Cuesta and Hancock begin the admissions process for first-time freshman.

  2. Reminder to complete the CUESTA PROMISE SCHOLARSHIP 


  3. Graduating seniors who plan to attend any other community college should contact your high school counselor or go to





Allan Hancock Community College:   Steps to Register as a First Time Freshman


Community College is a great choice for the following reasons:

  • Get excellent value in quality education at a low cost of $46 per unit!
  • Transfer to a college or university at the junior (3rd year) level.
  • Learn job skills and receive training necessary to enter the job market.
  • Explore various subject areas while you’re deciding on a major or career.
  • Begin your college career while remaining in your home community.


Transfer Programs: Community colleges offer a full range of lower-division general education courses for university-bound students.  While in high school, students should prepare for the community college by following a pattern of selected courses similar to those required by the California State Universities and the University of California.  At the community college, counselors can help you plan your community college program to make sure that the courses you select are transferable.  Many community colleges now offer written transfer guarantee programs to specific colleges.  With careful planning, students may enter a baccalaureate-granting university at the junior (3rd year) level.

Occupational Programs:  Community colleges can help students get the training needed to qualify for a well-paying job with room for advancement.  Vocational and technical programs provide students with entry level and upgraded job skills.  Programs range in length from one semester to two years.  Students who successfully complete vocational and technical programs will be awarded a certificate of achievement.  Units earned may be applied toward the associate degree.

Concurrent Enrollment Programs for High School Students:  These programs are excellent opportunities to provide enrichment and advanced scholastic or vocational coursework, meant to enrich and enhance a student’s academic preparation, not replace the high school curriculum coursework. The student will be concurrently enrolled in grades K-12 and the selected program. The student will obtain the necessary approval from his/her school counselor and in the opinion of his/her school counselor, would benefit from advanced scholastic or vocational coursework. Check with your counselor for more details.

-Cuesta College Enrichment Program- student will be concurrently enrolled in grades K-12 and Cuesta College. An admissions application and Permit-to-Enroll form each term is required until the student receives his/her high school diploma (or equivalent). The program must have specific courses identified as beneficial to the student and approved by the school counselor along with the signed consent of the parents.

- Hancock College Now! -student will be concurrently enrolled in grades K-12 and Hancock College. A minimum high school unweighted GPA of 2.5 and unofficial transcripts from high school are required when submitting the Petition for Enrollment form, which requires your counselor and parent/guardian signatures.