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Cuesta College Concurrent Enrollment

Cuesta College Concurrent Enrollment (High School Enrichment)
Cuesta College may admit minors currently enrolled in grades K-12, who in the opinion of their school counselor, would benefit from concurrent enrollment in “advanced scholastic” or “vocational” coursework at Cuesta College. The High School Enrichment program is meant to “enrich” a student’s academic preparation, not to replace coursework which is offered through the high school curriculum.
Enrichment students, who will be concurrently enrolled in grades K-12 and Cuesta College, are not considered continuing students.  They must submit an admission application and a "Permit to Enroll" form each term until they receive their high school diploma, or equivalent. The "Permit to Enroll" form must have specific courses identified as beneficial to the student and must be approved by the school counselor along with the signed consent of the parents.
Students wishing to participate in this program should download the guidelines attached below and see their counselor once all the steps are completed.