Attendance Office

Welcome to the Attendance Office!  Office hours are Monday to Friday 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Mrs. Lewis will clear absences for last names A through L and can be contacted at 474-3200, extension 2244.

Mrs. Wagner confirms absences for last names M - Z and can be contacted at 805-474-3200, extension 2243.


Extended Absence Contract/Short Term Independent Study

The Attendance Office also handles all extended absence contracts.  Students who plan to be absent for 5 - 15 school days should apply for an extended absence contract.  Once approved by the Parent/Guardian, student and school administrator, the student's absence will be cleared if all class work is completed and submitted upon return to the Attendance Office. Although teachers may provide assignments during this time, students may also need to make up any missing assessments (test/quizzes) in their respective classes.


Attendance plays a vital role in the success of a student's performance at AGHS.  Students are more successful when they attend school on a regular and consistent basis.  Truancy Letters are mailed to parents when absenteeism becomes chronic.  After the third truancy letter, students and their parent/guardian may be referred to the LMUSD School Attendance Review Board (SARB).  School Attendance Clerks, the School Nurse and School Administration will provide every effort to work with students to improve attendance and remain at AGHS.

  • Truancy Letter 1 will be mailed to all parent/guardian for 13 unexcused period absences.

  • Truancy Letter 2 may be mailed to parent/guardian for 18 unexcused period absences.

  • Truancy Letter 3 may be mailed if a student has 25 or more unexcused period absences.


Unexcused Absence Codes:

A - ABSENT - Uncleared or Unverified Absence.  Parent/Guardian did not call to provide the whereabouts or reason for the absence.

N - NOTIFIED - A school employee has attempted to contact the parent/guardian and has left a message but a return call has not been received.

V - VERIFIED CUT - Parent/Guardian has confirmed with school officials the student has cut school.

7 - PERSONAL - The Parent/Guardian has contacted school officials to notify they were aware of the absence but the reason is unexcused (i.e. out of town, on vacation, "personal," car trouble).


Excused Absence Codes:

I - ILLNESS - Within reason, a parent/guardian may excuse a student's absence due to illness.  Extensive illness absences may trigger a medical letter where a student will be required to have further absences cleared by the school nurse or a physician.

D - DOCTOR - If the student has been seen by a physician or has a doctor's appointment, a note from the physician's office would be required to clear the absence.  The school nurse may also clear the absence if it is determined the student is too ill to remain at school.

4 - BEREAVEMENT - A student attending a funeral of a family member may be excused.  Please see the Parent/Student Handbook for the guidelines.

5 - ADMINISTRATIVE - Excused by school administration.  Student may be in a meeting with their counselor or administrator.

6 - SUSPENSION - Students are allowed to make up all missing work from a suspension. The student is allowed the specific number of days to turn in any make up work dependent on the number of days suspended (i.e. 3 suspension days = 3 days after return to school to complete and submit all make up assignments, including make up assessments/tests).

8 - SCHOOL ACTIVITY - The school may excuse a student's absence due to a school activity.  Some activities include testing, participation in athletic events, or participation in a class event.

J - JUDICIAL - Proof of detainment in juvenile hall or attendance at a court proceeding is required to clear a judicial absence.

L - LATE EXCUSED - Two Late Excused tardy passes are allowed each semester.  A Parent/Guardian can clear two tardies for any private/personal reason.


Other rules for attendance include:

Returning from an absence: Parent/Guardians are asked to contact the Attendance Clerk within 24 hours after returning to school in order to clear an absence(s).

Medical absences of five days or more must see the school nurse before being readmitted.

  • Students with verified excused absences may be allowed to submit makeup work for credit.

  • Any unexcused absence is treated as a truancy and students may be assigned detention and/or Saturday School.  

Early leaves: If a student must leave early during the school day, the Parent/Guardian can either contact the Attendance Office prior to the exit time and the student will be sent an Early Leave pass.  The parent may also come in and sign their student out in the main office, attendance office or nurse's office.  Parents/Guardians are asked to please plan an extra 20 minutes if they have not made prior arrangements.  

  • Students who leave school without an early leave will be viewed as being truant and consequences outlined for truancy may be applied.

  • Reminder: 0, 7th and 8th period classes are official classes and an early leave must be obtained to be counted as an excused absence.

  • The student must be present for 30 minutes of the class period to receive credit for that period.

  • There are NO early leaves permitted during finals or testing without a verified appointment.


Chronic tardiness constitutes defiance. Students who are defiant may face disciplinary action and be required to attend a parent conference at the school.


Tardy Policy


1. Tardy Unexcused. The following circumstances warrant a tardy:

  • A student is not in his/her seat when the tardy bell rings.

  • A student is outside the classroom without a legitimate school pass when the tardy bell rings.

  • A student comes from off campus onto campus and does not make it to class before the tardy bell rings. To excuse the tardy, written documentation of a doctor's appointment, dentist appointment, immigration appointment, driver's license appointment, or appearance in court. For a doctor's or dentist's appointment the student must have an appointment card or a note written on the doctor's/dentist's stationery stating the date and time of the appointment. For other appointments, immigration papers, court papers, or paperwork from the DMV must be shown. This paperwork must also indicate the date and time of the appointment.

  • Students are granted two late excused tardy passes per semester.  Parent/Guardians may excuse two tardies per semester without written documentation.


2. Tardy Excused. A tardy will be considered excused if the student obtains a stamped or signed school pass before arriving to class.

  • A student must obtain a stamped or signed school pass from school personnel (authorized school personnel: administrator, office staff) if the student is detained for school related business only. The pass must indicate the student's name, date, time of departure, location of departure, destination points, and signature.

  • Teachers may not admit students into class without a legitimate pass.


Tardy Consequences Assigned by the Attendance Office or Administrator:


Tardy 1 --  Warning by Teacher

Tardy 2 --  Warning by Teacher

Tardy 3 --  1 day detention after school or detention with their Teacher at lunch or after school

Tardy 4 --  2 days detention after school or detention with their Teacher at lunch or after school

Tardy 5+ --  Saturday School


Excessive Tardies may also result in In-House Suspension for Defiance, revocation of parking privileges on campus, delay and/or suspension of California Driver's License for up to one year, Activity Ban for participation/attendance in school sports, clubs and extra-curricular activities.


Off Campus Lunch

Juniors and Seniors are allowed to leave campus during lunchtime if certain requirements are met. In order to be eligible for an off campus lunch, students:

  • Must be a Junior or Senior

  • Cannot have any Fails or "U"s on the previous semester's final report card

  • Must have a "C" average or better in the previous semester

  • Must return to class on time.