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Concussion Information

What is a Concussion?

            A concussion is an injury to the brain that results in change in normal brain function.  There are several signs and symptoms that can help to identify a concussion.  There are also several tests that can be used to help identify a concussion.

 What Should I Do if I Suspect My Athletes Has a Concussion?

            If you or your athlete suspects that they may have a head injury they need to report it to a coach or the athletic trainer immediately.  The athlete will then be remove from participation for evaluation by a medical professional. 

            If your athlete presents that their head hurts after returning home you may contact the AT (903-3616) any day of the week at any time.  If you suspect that the injury is significant and cannot wait for the next school day please take your athlete to the hospital.  If you take your athlete to the hospital please contact the AT and let them know so that follow up care can be provided.

 My Athlete Has a Concussion. Now What?

            Arroyo Grande High School utilizes a Head Injury Management Packet to remain in compliance with state law (AB 2127) and is based on the most recent medical research and best practice recommendations. If an athlete should sustain a brain injury, the AT and physician will work together to make sure the athlete takes all steps necessary to return to sport safely, including pre-season ImPACT (neurocognitive) testing and a 7-step graduated return to play protocol.

 7-Step Graduated Return to Play Protocol

Any athlete with a concussion or head injury will be required to complete the 7-Step Graduated Return to Play Protocol before returning to competition.  The protocol will begin once the athlete has received clearance from their physician (must be MD or DO, PA and NP clearance must be co-signed by overseeing physician), the athlete is free of physical and cognitive symptoms, and has completed all testing.  The athlete will complete one step each day.  If the athlete experiences symptoms during or the day after a step is completed the athlete will return to the previous step.  The athlete must complete every step before returning to competition. 

Head Injury Management Packet

Any student athlete suspected of having a head injury will be provided with a Head Injury Management Packet.  The AT will explain the packet to a parent/guardian at the time of injury or as early as possible.  The Pink form is the form that must be completed by a Medical Doctor (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) for a student athlete to return to athletic participation.  


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