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ASB Presidential Candidates 
Christopher  Sill
After heavy involvement in my school and community coupled with running my own business, band, and an ASB commissioner position, my passion has driven me to the highest office of my school in order that I may strive to transform the environment around me into an encouraging, innovative, and ambitious space to support and motivate each and every student of Arroyo Grande High School. I have been committed to ASB for the last year in rebuilding the bulletins from the ground up, producing videos for assemblies, running general video and sound, and aiding in the overall experiencing of the AGHS students during special events such as dances. All of this while maintaining a 4.0 GPA and a highly optimistic vision for the future of AGHS leads me to believe I am the most qualified and passionate candidate for the role of AGHS President and would be honored with the opportunity to fulfill this role.
Daniel Ha
Hello! My name is Daniel Ha, I’m a Junior here at AGHS, and I’m running for ASB President.

Like you, coming into high school, I was nervous with excitement. Nervous at the prospect that I would be entering a mix of two thousand students, yet excited at the opportunity to create a new identity, find my niches, and embrace the chaos that is high school.

And in my three years here, I have met many coaches, teachers, staff, and many of you. Everyone that I have met, not all the same, but wonderful all the same. As I have shared common interests, struggles, and experiences with many of you as teammates, clubmates, and classmates, I have become attached to this place-- this school now feels like home.

That is why I am running for ASB President. I am deeply grateful for those that have made high school such a wonderful experience for me, and I want a chance to make high school an even more wonderful experience for everyone. I want to help create an environment that welcomes the football player as well as the chess player, one that instills a common appreciation and respect between all students.

If you have ever met me, you know that I am a pretty normal guy. I am an ordinary kid, never super popular. I am just another skinny kid with a funny last name that found his home in AGHS.

I gathered the courage to run for ASB President because I honestly love this place, and, ultimately, I want to give the school the best leader they can get. With diplomatic and leadership experience from ASB, Speech and Debate, and Boys State, I believe that I can offer AGHS a qualified leader that truly cares. Disneyland, AGHS is not, but I do think we can experience small moments of magic together. And as your ASB President, in everything that I do (and I will try to do everything I can), I will be thinking about each and every one of you, and how we can make next year the best school year ever.

Thank you,
Daniel Ha
John Farley
My name is John Farley and I believe I am qualified to be your president. From my endless dedication and passion on and off the football field to my almost flawless attendance, I know I will be committed to improving this school and it's operation. I am 4.0 student who works very hard to be the best I can be. I have come a long way throughout my time here at AGHS, and I feel that it is my turn to give back. I know what it's like to be a leader, and I assure you I am the right one. I've had my setbacks, but so have we all. I can guarantee you I am your best option for president, and I will do my best to fulfill the needs of my peers in their formative years.
Kimi White
Hello AGHS Students,
I am Kimi White and I want to be your ASB President. I have been involved in Arroyo Grande High School Leadership for the past three years, starting as a freshman class officer and continuing with two years in ASB. With my experience, I fully understand the role I would taking and believe I have the skills to fulfill it. I will strive to empower the student voice, advocate for your interests and enhance your high school experience by promoting student engagement and spirit around campus. High School can be some of the hardest and stressful years in our lives, so I want to use my time in leadership to make them lighthearted, fun, and most of all memorable.
Nathan Solis
The qualities that make up a strong leader and a strong president are confidence, determination and vision. It is these qualities that are expected from a ASB President here at Arroyo Grande High School. From my three years being apart of the eagle pride, I believed I have developed these qualities, from leading chants at volleyball game or having the honor to being a captain of the varsity swim team, I have learned lessons about making connection with students and it's relationship with leadership. These lessons and the qualities that I believe I have, lead me to decided to represent this school and with it take care of the responsible of which the presidency has. I hope to have your support as I move forward.
ASB Vice-President Candidate
Jacob Schenberg 
I feel like I am qualified to run for Vice President because I have been a part of the link crew organization for three years and I am currently in the Link Crew class so I have knowledge and experience as to what being a leader means and I know that I am capable of being such. I am a definite people person as I have a job that requires being one the entire work shift and in the sports, clubs, and activities that I have been a part of I have made a variety of friends and companions since I love talking to and meeting new people. I have lots of new ideas that I believe could make this school an even better environment, and with my Link Crew background, I know what needs to be done to make this school a better place. Lastly, have immense enthusiasm, dedication, and love for this school and I would love to be able to express these qualities by being as involved and passionate as possible with this role.
ASB Secretary Candidates 
Haley Woods
My name is Haley Woods and I am running for secretary of our student body. I have quite a bit of experience with leadership, including this past year in the asb class. My goal is to evenly represent all classes, while adding in a perspective from a younger class. Vote for me for secretary!
McKenna Walwyn
My mission is to support AGHS's students and make it a place that people feel welcome and are represented. As VPA commissioner, I represented the arts, and as secretary, I want to collaborate with the other leaders to represent all students on a more large scale.
ASB Treasurer Candidates  
Kayla Bueno
Hello! My name is Kayla Bueno. This is my second year in ASB and I am hoping to make next year my third! During my time at AGHS, I have been a part of many great high school memories. As one of the Treasurer candidates, I am hoping to make even more memories for the classes of 2018-2021! Electing me as your 2017-2018 Treasurer would be a very smart choice. I am experienced in the ASB class, have worked 1 on 1 with this years Treasurer, and I have always been very good at money management! When you vote on April 11th, remember that Bueno is always a good choice!
Stephanie Sun
I'm Stephanie Sun and I want to be elected ASB Treasurer.