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Academic Programs

Arroyo Grande High School has many options to choose when navigating the requirements to graduate in four years. Students may choose various pathways based on their educational and career goals. The following is a list of available Pathways:

  • College/University
- Completing the A - G requirements which prepare students for entrance into a four-year college/university or the community college with intent to transfer to a four-year college/university 
  • College/Career 
- Completing an integrated series of 3 year-long Pathway/Career & Technical Education courses, which prepare students for entry level employment in a specific industry sector, or for advanced  training after graduation, including attending the community college
Focus options:
        1. Agriculture & Natural Resources (4 concentrations)
          • Ag Mechanics
          • Animal Science
          • Plant Science
          • Agriculture Generalist (a combination of three classes from the above concentrations)
        2. Automotive Technology
        3. Architecture, Engineering & Animation (2 concentrations)
          • Architecture
          • Animation
        4. Child Development
        5. Culinary Arts & Hospitality
        6. Energy Technology & Green Construction
        7. Sports Medicine & Athletic Training
        8. Visual & Performing Arts (5 concentrations)
          • Technical Arts
          • Visual Fine Arts
          • Music
          • Theater
          • Dance
  • Specialized Program
- Instead of meeting the requirements for a College/University or College/Career Pathways, students may opt to participate in a specialized program adopted by the Board of Education
    • PG&E Energy Academy
    • Central Coast New Tech High School (CCNTHS)
      • Students attending CCNTHS may participate in limited activities on Arroyo Grande High School's campus if Arroyo Grande High School is their home school
  • Individualized Program
- Subject to written approval of the school principal or administrator-designee, instead of meeting the requirements of a College/University or College/Career Pathway, students may choose an Individualized Program to meet their education objectives. An Individual Pathway shall consist of NOT LESS than a total of 5 year long courses selected from those required as part of a College/University, College/Career or Specialized Pathway.  

** for all Programs of Study, students shall demonstrate proficiency in meeting the Common Core State Standards and Career and Technical Educational Model Curriculum Standards where applicable