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Records Office

New Students:

The Records Office handles all incoming student registrations.  Students new to AGHS start the registration process online at CLICK on Enrollment under the Student Services tab. Once all supporting documents have been delivered to the Records Office and immunizations are verified as current by the School’s Nurse, an intake meeting will be scheduled for Student & Parent/Guardian with the student’s perspective Counselor.  Students may not start the class schedule process until the intake procedure is complete.


Policy Update Weighted Credit: 
Lucia Mar has recently approved transferable level academic college courses to receive weighted credit. If you have taken an approved course and would like your transcript to be adjusted, please complete the request form. For a complete list of approved courses, or if you have any questions, please see your school counselor. Seniors who would like to update their transcript must complete the form by Friday, December 20th. Seniors will be processed first. Junior, Sophomore, and Freshmen requests will be processed at the beginning of next semester. 
InterDistrict and IntraDistrict Transfer Request:
Want to go to another high school?  Transfer requests are available in the Records Office.
Transcript Request:
Transcripts can be requested by completing this form
  • Seniors, at the end of the school year, AGHS collects your prospective colleges to send out transcripts.
  • AGHS will send you a link to complete the senior survey. Seniors will submit their post secondary choices in the Senior Survey.
  • After final grades are submitted, the Records Office will take the information you submit on the senior survey and process the transcript requests to your prospective college.
  • Your transcripts will be processed within 48 business hours after submitting the form. You will not receive an email confirmation.
  • Please allow for an additional 3 - 5 days for the Postal Service to deliver as well. If being sent to a post-secondary school, there will also be processing time upon receipt.
If you have questions, please contact the Records Office at 805-474-3252.