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School Profile

Arroyo Grande High School is located on the Central Coast of California, mid-way between San Francisco and Los Angeles. 1,900 students attend classes where 175 faculty members are excited about student learning. A high level of success is maintained at our school. We excel in academics, athletics and extra-curricular programs. Many of our departments garner state and national recognition through competitive team successes and innovative program design. Students in Band, Mock Trial, Colorguard, Drama, Animation, Robotics, Skills USA and Agriculture consistently receive local and state recognition.

We have fantastic students, teachers and parents! Our already nationally recognized Advanced Placement program grew in offerings and in the number of students tested. While expanding our exam access, we have maintained a high pass rate of 65%.
Another strong program is athletics. Almost half of our student body participate in our sports program. League championships and CIF berths are a part of our athletic culture. Most of our coaches are also teachers in our school. They connect with the student needs and support beyond the playing fields, which contributes to our students' all around success in school. Of course we are proud of our winning records, but we believe that the academic and sportsmanship facets reflect the well-rounded support that our students receive from the sports program. We are proud to have been voted the school with the best sportsmanship by the teams in our league.
Arroyo Grande High School also provides a Student Support Center that offers support services to students and their families. The award of a California Healthy Start Grant several years ago has given the center a strong foundation that has continued year after year. Through our center, students can access counselors for a variety of needs, receive medical assistance, and be connected to a wide range of community resources.
Our goal is to develop a series of classes through career technical education where students can take to learn advanced skills and develop a desire to enter post secondary education upon graduation. Arroyo Grande High School has something for everyone and it is our hope that each and every student will graduate with the skills and desire to become productive and responsible individuals in our society.