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Foreign Exchange Students

Every year, Arroyo Grande High School welcomes foreign exchange students from around the world. We understand and appreciate the value exchange students bring to the learning environment for our student body and the growth and experience this opportunity creates for students from other countries. We receive numerous requests from students outside of the United States wishing to attend our school and we do our best to welcome and work with each student as our own. We do not have a fee based exchange program. All foreign exchange students entering Arroyo Grande High School are sponsored by an approved foreign exchange program. All interested students should contact the approved agencies for placement consideration.


Here is the current (2024-2025) list of Foreign Exchange programs for students.


Approval for participation in our exchange program, including the number of students each year, must be granted with a signed “High School Enrollment Agreement” (sometimes referred to as an “Intent to Enroll”) form from Arroyo Grande High School with the selected exchange program. Approval must be granted prior to a host family commitment and the student departure from their home country. Home placement and/or a host family transfer is the sole responsibility of the sponsoring exchange program.


Foreign students must demonstrate English proficiency at the high school level in speaking, reading and writing. All foreign exchange students are expected to be enrolled in a full day schedule, maintain satisfactory academic progress throughout the school year and exhibit an appropriate citizenship standard consistent with the expectations of the school for all students.


Arroyo Grande High School is committed to fostering a global learning environment and realizes that in doing so, this experience propels students towards acceptance and understanding of an array of different cultural and community perspectives.