CAASPP State Testing

Juniors will soon be taking the state test, beginning March 13, 2018. Although the tests do not directly affect your student's grades, they do affect our school's standing. When students graduate from AGHS, the community, employers and colleges review our rankings. Doing well on the CAASPP is an indicator of our students being college and career ready. The better our students do on the test relates to the value of their diploma from AGHS.
Additionally, many colleges use the EAP (Early Assessment Program) to determine a student's placement in college courses. The CAASPP has this assessment embedded; thus, saving your student time and money to take additional placement tests during their senior year. Students who do not authorize the release the release of their test scores to CSU and CCC and the time of testing may need to provide a copy of the CAASPP score report to the campus, upon request or have to take a placement test.
Seniors will be taking the Science test during the third week of testing. Their scores will help develop the new Science test and assist the State in developing the new rubric.
Parents, please join us in encouraging our students to do their best. Juniors have been given the challenge of beating our current seniors scores from last year. This means that your student must meet or exceed the learning objectives for the current state standards. If the junior class raises their class score by 10 percentage points, as compared to last year, they will be rewarded as a senior class for a job well done. 
We are asking for your support in that your student has a well balanced meal before testing and is well rested. If you are interested in learning more about the test or would like to take a sample test, please click on the links.  Thank you so much for your encouragement and assistance! Together, Eagles Soar With Pride!