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Career Technical Education connects secondary and post-secondary education to college expectations and labor market demands so students are focused, and ready for the future. CTE pathways provide students with the technical, academic and employability knowledge they need for success in college and careers. Modern CTE is adaptable, aligned with industry standards, college options and is an integral part of college prep education. The success of the pathways is due in part to the strong business partnerships the courses have with local industry sectors.



Pathways available at Arroyo Grande High School:








Ag-Animal Science                                                                                         Contact:

  1. Ag Biology
  2. Animal Science
  3. Animal Anatomy

Career options after high school:

-Veterinary Technician

-Animal Control Worker

-Laboratory animal caretaker

-Conservation and forest technicians


Ag-Plant Science

  1. Floral Design
  2. Environmental Horticulture
  3. Advanced Floral Design
  4. Viticulture

Ag Mechanics

  1. Ag Mechanics I
  2. Ag Mechanics II
  3. Ag Mechanics III


Career options after high school:

-Blue Print Design/Drafting

-Tractor Operations

-Small Engine Repair

-Small Project Fabrication





Architecture/Engineering                                      Contact:                                                                                                                                                                                   

  1. Architecture/Engineering/Animation I
  2. Architecture/Engineering/Animation II
  3. CAD
  4. Architecture

Career options after high school:

-CAD Technician

-Construction Apprentice

-Drafting Apprentice

-Engineering Aide

-Junior Drafter

Automotive                                                                                       Contact:

  1. Auto Technology
  2. Advanced Auto Technology
  3. Auto Coop

Career options after high school:

-Service Technician
-Auto Body Repair Technician
-Service Manager

Culinary Arts                                                                      Contact:

  1. Intro to Culinary Arts
  2. Advanced Culinary Arts
  3. Event Planning


Career options after high school:

-Short Order Cook

-Food Preparation Worker

-Food Service




Energy Academy                                                           Contact:

  1. Environmental Engineering Energy Technology
  2. Electric Avenues
  3. Multicraft Core: Building Scaled Structures

Career options after high school:

-Substation Wire Person

-Utility Service Technician

Design, Visual and Media Arts                                       Contact:

  1. Digital Foundations
  2. Creative Media Arts
  3. Advanced Media Arts

Career options after high school:

-Photographic Assistant

-Photographic Artist

-Photographic Technician

Sports Medicine                                                                            Contact:

  1. Intro to Medicine
  2. Sports Medicine
  3. Athletic Training

Career options after high school:

-Clerical and Sports Rehabilitation

Technical Theatre                                                                          Contact:

  1. Tech Theatre
  2. Advanced Technology Theatre

Career options after high school:

-DJ Services

-Stage Technician

-Script Supervisor

For more information about Career and Technical Education, please contact Katie Salcido: