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Mr. Carter's World of Math

Welcome to Mr. Carter's class.  I am excited to start the new year.  I invite you to expand the menu of your class so that you can access the weekly calendar for the course.  Please note that we are using google classroom for each class period, but this is a good spot to see a weekly snapshot of all the work that is expected of the students.  Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.  
Algebra Weekly Calendar: Click Here
QRAT Weekly Calendar: Click Here
Class Expectations
The students are working independently on a review of Algebra 1 content on the computer program, Khan Academy.  Students are expected to master the content in Algebra 1.  We will do 50% mastery by end of 1st semester and 100% by end of year.  The grade does include daily participation, 15% of total grade, which the expectation is that students are working daily in class on the course mastery material.