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Shots for School

Pertussis (also known as whooping cough) is widespread in California. There is a new Law (AB 354), which requires all students who will be entering 7th – 12th grade next fall (2011-2012) to show proof of having received a TDAP Pertussis booster shot given on or after their 7th birthday. Without this proof, those students will be excluded from starting school in the fall. If your child has not yet received the TDAP pertussis booster shot, please contact your doctor or health department at (805) 473-7050 for clinic dates and locations. Getting a booster shot will protect your child against the ongoing threat of pertussis and meet the new school entry requirement. When your child receives the TDAP booster shot,or if he/she has already received it after their 7th birthday, please be sure to bring in the immunization record to the nurse's office as soon as possible so school records can be updated and your child will be ready for the next school year.

Entry for 7th - 12th grade for the 2011-2012 school year

For more information click here for information for SLO county

Send proof of TDAP immunization to your school nurse. Any questions please stop by or contact Jackie Jensen, school nurse, at 474-3200 ext. 2188.