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FAQ about Athletic Injuries

What if my student-athlete is injured while participating in their sport?
If your athlete is injured while participating in a CIF sport for Arroyo Grande High School the injury will be managed by the Athletic Trainer (AT). The AT will evaluate the injury and provide immediate treatment as needed.  If the AT determines that further care is needed, the AT will contact the parent/guardian of the athlete and relay all information needed.  Follow-up care will continue to be provided until the athlete is able to return to participation without restrictions.
What if my student-athlete is injured outside of sports?
If your athlete is injured while outside of AGHS sports participation the AT will consult with the student-athlete.  The AT will not provide care unless provided with a note from an MD/DO with specific instructions (i.e requires tape for participation). If the athlete sustains a concussion outside of AGHS athletic participation the student must still complete a 7-step return to play protocol with a licensed healthcare professional and provide a note to the AT that states this has been completed.
What do you mean you cannot accept a note from an nurse practitioner (NP) or physician's assistant (PA) or chiropractor (DC)?
In compliance with CIF any athlete who is injured must be evaluated and released to full participation by a Medical Doctor (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO).  If your student-athlete is evaluated by a NP or PA the overseeing physician must co-sign the note.  Clearance notes will not be accepted from chiropractors (DC) or physical therapist (PT).
Why is my student-athlete not participating even though they have a clearance note from a doctor?
In certain situations student-athletes may not be immediately released to full participation until the student-athlete is able to demonstrate they are able complete game like activities.  In the case of a concussion, all student-athletes must progress through a 7-step protocol in accordance with Ca Law and Ca Education Code. before they are able to participate.
What is this 7-step Graduated Return to Play (RTP) Protocol?
The 7-step Graduated RTP protocol is required in accordance with CA State Law and Ca Education Code.  Once a student-athlete is symptom free, both cognitive and physical, they will be referred to the physician providing care for release to begin the protocol.  Each step of the protocol will increase physical activity and cognitive requirements to ensure no symptoms return.  No more than one (1) step can be completed in a day.  If the student-athlete experiences any returning symptoms they will return to the previous step and reattempt (i.e after completing step 4 on Tuesday student A was dizzy.  Student A will return to step 3 on Wednesday and continue to progress).  Once the protocol has been completed the student-athlete will be released by the physician managing the injury for full participation.