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What is an Athletic Trainer? This link is a great resource for people to use to understand what an Athletic Trainer is and what their job includes.
Youth Sports Safety Alliance This is a resource for advancing safety in sports through several means.  "The Alliance is committed to reducing the (number of injuries) and improving health and safety of young athletes." 
Korey Stringer Institute This is a great resource for information about preventing sudden death in sports.  The main focus is the prevention of heat illness and heat stroke.
Center for Disease Control - Concussion information This is a one page fact sheet created by the Center for Disease Control with information about concussions.  This sheet is a quick read and provides signs and symptoms of a concussion.
Steroid and Supplement Information - Taylor Hooton Foundation The Taylor Hooton Foundation is an organization created in honor of Taylor Hooton how took his own life at the age of 17 after using steroids.  The foundation was formed to education parents and athletes of the dangers and prevalence of steroid use in high schools all across the country.
National Athletic Trainer's Association Concussion Information This link is to the National Athletic Trainer's Association which is the location of great resources for many topics related to Sports Medicine used by Athletic Trainers.
ImPACT Concussion Testing ImPACT is a widely used computer based test used to help evaluate a student athlete who has suffered a concussion to assist with return to play decisions.