Career Planning

Career Planning Website


Career Planning Website:


  • Take a Career Interest Profiler - Get a list of careers you would do well in based on your career interests.
  • This is a great way to start exploring careers and choosing your major of study.
  • Your counselor and career technician can view your career interest results to help you explore all career options .
  • Instructions on how to create you California Colleges Account:
    • Click on Career Tab 
    • Click on the drop down Interest Profiler
    • Click on Sign In or Create Account
    • Click on Register Your Account
    • You will need to type in the following:
    • District name : Lucia Mar Unified
    • School Name : Arroyo Grande High School
    • Student ID Number
    • Your Name as it appears on your Transcript
    • Your Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY
Steps to Successful Career Planning

1. Self-Exploration using online assessments will evaluate the following about you:

 ~ Personality ~ Interest ~ Abilities ~ Values ~ Skill


2. Explore Careers with the following websites:

Create an account following instructions above to further explore the career of your choice and plan.


Other options:


3. Make Decisions about the future that you desire for yourself


4. Set Goals Take Action


5. Take Action



Finding a Job
  Job Readiness Logo

Tips for Job Readiness:

  • Make sure you Dress to Impress!
  • For example, a button down or nice shirt, dress, skirt (not too short), pants or jeans (no holes or rips), closed toes shoes.
  • Make Eye Contact when you ask to speak with the manager.
  • Introduce yourself with a firm handshake when speaking with the manager and asking for a job application.
  • Find out how/ to whom to return the application, and ask for contact information to follow up after submitting your application.


Sample Paper Application form attached in the bottom of this  page 

Job Readiness  Resources 

Resume Templates and Worksheet:


For Job Descriptions refer to:

Watch Videos Below:


Job Searching Forms:

    • Values Activity- will help you decide what type of work you would do well in. 
    • Match your values with your stepping stone job or dream job
    • Resume Worksheet- will help you prepare the information you need to create your resume and view some resume examples
    • Please take a look at the Student Resume Example 
    • Google Doc Template -  create your own resume  note: please do not print in color ( black ink)
    • Student Objective List- choose the objective you would like to write in your resume.
    • For Job Descriptions refer to: 
      • Search the job title (ex. Cashier) it  will give you a list of job duty description for that position
      • You will need to edit them to make them fit your own duties 
      • Remember to not plagiarize
Local Community Resource
  • Eckerd Workforce Development:
Career training and employment for young adults ages 17-14
4251 S. Higuera, Suite 102, San Luis Obispo
(805) 835-9319