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Career Planning

Steps to Successful Career Planning
1. Self Explore
2. Explore Careers
3. Make Decisions
4. Set Goals
5. Take Action
1. Self-Exploration using online assessments will evaluate the following about you:

 ~ Personality ~ Interest ~ Abilities ~ Values ~ Skills

Finding a Job
  Tips for Success:
  • Make sure you are dressed in a professional fashion.  For example, a button down or nice shirt, dress, skirt (not too short), pants or jeans (no holes or rips), closed toes shoes or dressy sandals.
  • Make eye contact when you ask to speak with the manager.
  • Make eye contact and introduce yourself with a firm handshake when speaking with the manager and asking for a job application. No one likes to shake a wet noodle, and you can never make a second first impression!
  • Find out how/ to whom to return the application, and ask for a contact phone number or email so you can follow up after submitting your application.
Find jobs online and apply online:
Local Resources
Job Application Resources