Career Planning

Career Planning Website


Career Planning Website:


  • Start with taking a Career Interest Profiler - Get a list of careers you would do well in based on your career interests.
  • This is a great way to start exploring careers and choosing your major of study.
  • Your counselor and career technician can view your career interest results to help you explore all career options .
Instructions on how to create you California Colleges Account:
  1. Go to the Website: 
  2. Click on Sign In Lock Icon (top right corner)
  3. Click Register (Don't have an account?)
  4. Select I am a Student
  5. Type in your school district Lucia Mar Unified School District
  6. Type Arroyo Grande High School
  7. Under Student ID, enter your State School ID number. (you access this ID in Aeries)
  8. Enter your date of birth; MM/DD/YYYY 
  9. On the next page, click Sign UP with Google, enter your LMUSD Gmail  Account, then click NEXT 
  10. Enter your LMUSD password and click NEXT
  11. Use the Sign in with Google option when logging in.
Steps to Successful Career Planning

1. Self-Exploration using online assessments will evaluate the following about you:

 ~ Personality ~ Interest ~ Abilities ~ Values ~ Skill


2. Explore Careers with the following websites:


Other options:


3. Make Decisions about the future that you desire for yourself:
Selecting Major of Study
Other options:


Research Colleges

College Cost Research

4. Set Goals
Other options:
Create a Academic Planner
Other options:


College Readiness: CSU and UC College Eligibility