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College Admissions Planning

Resources to help you plan for your future without missing a thing!
Important Planning Forms
You will need to have these forms filled out prior to college and scholarship applications. Start now!
  • Activity Tracker - fill this out with all your activities for scholarships and college applications
  • Letter of Recommendation Form - need a letter of recommendation? This is what you need to fill out! Send the filled out form to your desired recommender and remember to give PLENTY of notice!
UCLA Trackers & Templates for High School Students
Check out these organizational trackers and templates. Need help staying on top of your academic goals and extracurriculars or not sure how to create a resume? Use these to keep track of scholarships you are seeking, internships that interest you, and much more!
Grade Level - Timeline Planning
College Search Templates:
Financial Aid Information:
College Applications:
Career Search Sites:
Resources for First Generation College Students:
If neither parent graduated from a 4-year university (Bachelor's degree) in the US, then you qualify as a First Gen student. There are resources available to "level the playing field" and help you in your journey to a college education. 
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